In Defense of Reading When You’re a Writer

At some point you may have seen “A Wordplayer’s Manifesto” by K. M. Weiland:

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The Painful Endurance of Writing

I love writing. I love it so much that I get excited over the very act. I enjoy the feel of a pen or pencil in my hand as I scribble on paper. I even enjoy using a computer document program, my fingers typing the keys to unleash my flow of ideas. Whatever the method, I am in my happy place when I write. I already alluded to releasing a flow of ideas, but let me expand on that. Writing gives an opportunity to say what you want to say. I am not a talker, so this is my modus operandi when it comes to communication. I write better than I speak. But even though I love writing, I’ll be the first to admit it is not easy. Writing is hard. Continue reading